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Brooklyn's Strongest Arm August 28, 2011
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RESULTS Coors Light 33rd Annual Long Island Arm Wrestling Championships (Contains Award Ceremony Photos and Videos included in the results)



New York Armwrestling 2009 Remaining Calendar of Events

2009 New York Golden Arm Series

Time:  All events Registration/Weigh-In 9 a.m.






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Thursday, November 12, 2009



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April 10, 2010





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Est. Start Time: 1 p.m. Est. Finals 4 p.m.




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Manhattan - November 15, 2007

Manahattan - September 16, 2007

Brooklyn - July 28, 2007
Photos Results

Bronx - June 24, 2007

Long Island - June 10, 2007

New York Armwrestling®

Rules and Regulations

2008 Category Levels of Competition

Class - A - Professional

Class B - Amateurs

Class C - Novice/Beginners

Class D – Juniors - Teens/Children

Updated – February 2, 2008

*1.      Warming up - It is strongly advised to warm-up your arm prior to competition. Mild arm wrestling practice, hand grippers, push ups, dynamic tension, open air grip training with a partner or whatever works for you. Most injuries occur when the contestant’s arm is not sufficiently warmed up. The use of heat liniment, arm warmers or wrapping the arm to keep it warm during competition is advised.

*2.   REFEREE STOP MATCH - Contestants MUST IMMEDIATELY stop arm- wrestling if referee calls a STOP MATCH. The referee will than decide what contestant was in an injury prone position and who caused the stop match. If the contestant was in a losing position it will be declared a loss of match (SEE PHOTO BELOW). If the contestant is in a winning position it’s a foul.

See Photo Example: Reason for Stop Match

(Contestant on the right is in an injury prone or ‘break arm’ position)

(The shoulder must be in line with or behind the arm as the contestant on the left)

*3.   If your name is not called for any reason after the first round of your weight class, you MUST notify the scorekeeper IMMEDIATELY or you could be scratched.

*4.   If a contestants name is called during competition and he or she does not respond after the third call it’s a disqualification and the contestant will be scratched from that weight class.

*5.  Contestants have an option to use a riser to increase their height to about waist level against taller opponents and must replace riser to the side line.

6.  A coin could be flipped for tableside preference

7.  Magnesium Gym Chalk or other dry powder substances can be used at each event. NO STICKUM or other sticky substance permitted.

8.  Baseball hats MUST be worn backwards. Other hats or headwear can be worn without interference with referees .

*9.  Contestants are not permitted to wear jewelry during competition.

*10. Arms must be bare of bandages, wristbands etc.

*11. Contestants MUST approach the arm wrestling table with elbow down on the pad. No open-air grip grasping. Once contestants are in a fair elbow/grip position the referee will quickly start the match with a ‘GO’  call.

12. After each match contestants should report to scorekeeper table and give their name and entry number.

13. The free hand must grip the table peg throughout the match. If a peg slip occurs, one warning will be given during the match after that a foul will be called.

14. Thumb knuckles must be showing prior to start.

*15. All starting matches will be announced as “Ready Go” and contestants will use a 50% hand-to-hand load pressure before the start.

16. Competing wrists must be straight before the start. (Unless in referee hook start)

17. Referee must be able to pass a closed fist between the biceps and forearm of contestant’s prior to start.

*18.  Use the stairs to enter and exit the stage area. Do not jump on or off the stage.

19. Depending on the type of table used, shoulders must remain behind the actual red and blue foul lines or referee projected foul lines prior to the start

*20. At least one leg must remain in contact with the floor at all times. The other leg may be braced or wrapped around the table without interference with opponent or a foul will be given.

*21.  Elbows must stay in contact with the elbow pad at all times, until the conclusion of the match. A verbal correction notice will be given for elbow bobbing.

22.  Referee Determination Conference will be called when a call is in question.

*23.  If a contestant is leaving the tournament for any reason the scorekeeper must be notified in advance. {NO EXCEPTIONS}

*24.  A false jump-start is a foul. Two false starts is a loss of match.

*25. A winner or PIN will be declared when any part of the hand, wrist or forearm comes in contact with; or goes below the touch pad and determined as a parallel pin.

*26. A winner or pin will be announced 0NLY by the referee and the contestant MUST stay in the winning position until the match is declared official by the referee.

27.  No part of the head or shoulder can be used for additional leverage. A foul will be given.

28.  A LIMP DEAD WRIST is a foul at the referee’s determination.

29.  If an unintentional grip slip occurs it will result in a restart with straps or hook grip at the referee’s determination. At times mutual contestant agreement might be considered.

*30.  If a grip slip occurs for intentionally pulling out in a losing position or causing a grip slip in a losing position a loss of match will occur. A grip slip in a winning position is a foul.

*31.  Contestants will be allowed a (˝) minute to obtain a new grip prior to a match. After the ˝ minute the match will result in a referee set-up grip. Contestants cannot break grips nor have any conversation with the referee during the folding of the fingers set up or a foul or disqualification could occur at referee’s determination.

*32.  If a contestant’s elbow slips off of the elbow pad in a losing position it will result in a loss of match. If elbow slips off the pad in a winning position it will result in a foul.

*33.  Any combination of two fouls is a loss of match.

34.  There will be up to a 30 second rest period between fouls, but not necessary. Mutual agreement would bring contestants back to the table in a shorter period.

35.  A foul will be given for intentionally causing a delay in competition.

*36.  Double pumping in the winning position is a flagrant illegal strategy and will result in loss of match or disqualification at referee’s determination.

37.  A pick of the draw will be initiated if three or more contestants are entered in the MVP overall. Cards will be chosen at random to determine match-up.

38.  New York Arm Wrestling events have various levels of competition i.e. Novice/beginner, Amateur and Pro but sometimes when contestant consolidation occurs to three contestant’s in a specific weight class, pros and amateurs could be combined to produce a Pro/Am weight class. Pro/am weight classes are not recommended and avoided if possible. Under no circumstances should a novice/beginner be matched up with pros.

39.  Three contestant rules - Category consolidation to next higher weight class or lower age group. Sometimes pros and amateurs will be merged to form a three person weight class and at times two person challenge matches could occur. Cash Prize Rule - If a consolidation of pro and amateur weight class should occur into a Pro-Am category, cash prizes will not be given unless all contestants agree to pay a pro-class entry fee, otherwise no cash prize would be awarded and entry fees would remain the same because of the advantage probability.

40.  All first, second and third place award winners of any NY Golden Arm Series Championship will be mentioned and featured at the Empire State Tournament of Champions ‘OPEN’ Finals.

41. Contestants must break their Novice to enter Amateur Competition. Contestants can compete in amateur competition until they win three NYAWA Championships in their respective weight class. - If a contestant wins three events he or she would be considered for pro competition or could move up to next level weight class in amateur classes. Winners of next level amateur weight classes cannot compete amateur level again. Three contestant rules are always in effect and category- level consolidation could occur at any time.

42.  Anyone can compete in the Empire State Finals without qualifying and the event has no residency requirements.

*43.  Contestants must sign an indemnity release waiver prior to competing. Contestants under 18 years old must have a parent or guardian signed approval prior to competition.

44.  Entire weight class or age group categories could be eliminated in succession with consecutive matches to determine the finals or winner.

*45. SPONSORD EVENTS – If sponsor t-shirts are given free to contestants prior to competition than no other company or product names t-shirts/shirts are permitted to be worn during competition. 

46.  Single elimination could occur if amount of entries conflict with venue time constraint rules. Contestants would be picked at random match ups among amateurs and beginners first in single elimination matches. At times the winners of these matches could compete in the semi-finals along with pros depending on the type of tournament produced.

47. Referee call discrepancies will be determined with 30 second conference.

 48.  NYAWA weight classes and age groups will be determined according to the day’s weigh-in and registration. Amateur and Pro tournament weight classes and age groups must have 3 contestants or more per class. If three contestants are not registered in any particular weight class or age group than contestant categories would be consolidated from lower to higher weight classes or from higher to lower age groups. In some rare occasions contestants could be merged into Pro/Am Classes on day of event.  

49.  At times, weight classes would be determined on the day of event and contestants could be weighed and grouped in unofficial weight classes according to a lower to higher actual body weight to determine these weight classes.

50.  Venue rules and time constraints of are enforced and differ from event to event. 

51.  Interference, side line heckling of referees and flagrant foul language has Zero Tolerance. Violators of this rule will openly be asked to stop or leave the premises and under some circumstances could be banned from future events.

*52.  Contestants shall conduct themselves in a sportsman like manner at all times during and after the tournament. [Failure to do so could result in ejection, disqualification suspension or permanent banding from future events.

*53. Videotaping or photography permitted for those with Press Credentials and to freelancers with NYAWA permission.

54. A 5 lb clothing allowance will be given in each weight class. NO stripping of all clothes.

55. Referees are responsible for breaking down the Arm Wrestling Table after Awards Ceremony. Practice and unsupervised challenge matches are not permitted after event.

56.  If referees compete in the tournament they cannot ware a referee uniform while competing and cannot ref a weight class that they are competing in.

57. Referee’s should not ref family members unless no other ref’s are available.

58. Drugs, alcohol, stimulants and inhalants are forbidden while competing in any NYAWA sanctioned tournament.

*59.  Absolutely, No arm wrestling matches permitted on stage, after the tournament.

*60. The referee’s decision is FINAL IN ALL CASES. [No Exceptions].  

Sanctioned and Supervised By: New York Arm Wrestling® Association, Inc.


© 2009 The New York Arm Wrestling® Association, all rights reserved.