Upstate Arm Wrestling Tournament

Saturday - July 3rd, 2004

At Grafton Center Celebration, Grafton, NY

Ray Darling - Director


Right 0-150 Right
1st- Lynn Sumner -VT
2nd- Chris Rotondo- VT

Right 151-175
1st- Ron Klemba CT
2nd- Scott Latella NY
3rd- Benji Dwyer NY

Right 176-200
1st- Bernie Peters VT
2nd- Mickey Butkus CT
3rd- Nick Dunham NY

Right 201-225
1st- Chris Perka NY
2nd- Bill Gundrum NY
3rd- John Rose NY

Right 226- over
1st- John Ruggerio NY
2nd- Garrett Rosetti NY
3rd- Ryan Hubbard NY

Left 0-175
1st- Ron Klemba CT
2nd- Benji Dwyer NY
3rd- George Sheldrick VT

Left 176-over
1st- John Ruggerio NY
2nd- Nick Dunham NY
3rd- Chris Perka NY


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