August 8. 2005 NYAWA Practice at White Castle Restaurant in Queens, NY.

WB-11 TV Morning News Show and The New York Arm Wrestling Association
has a fun morning at practice and work-out
session at White Castle Restaurant in Elmhurst, Queens


Julie Chang (Right) from WB-11 Morning Show and Arm Wrestling
Champ Camille Burford from Manhattan


NYAWA VP Annette Colantropo talks Armwrestling with WB 11 Julie Chang


Julie Chang tells WB-11 TV Morning Audience about upcoming
'Queensboro' Armwrestling Championships in Rockaway Beach, Queens


Frank Malis from W. Islip seems to have an edge on Paul Mulrain from Passaic,
NJ at White Castle Restaurant in Queens


Sean 'The Rockaway Flash' from Rockaway and NYAWA VP Annette Colantropo


WB-11 TV Morning host Julie Chang watches as Arm Wrestlers come to grips



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