New York Arm Wrestling Association
Nov. 15, 2007- Photo Album
White Castle 30th Annual Empire State Golden Arm
Tournament of Champions
Held at the Port Authority Bus Terminal - NYC
Sponsored By: White Castle
Sanctioned By: New York Arm Wrestling
Seen on: United Press International (UPI), NY Times, NY Daily News,
NY Post, NY Newsday, TimeOut New York Magazine, The New Yorker Magazine,
The Village Voice, Timesnewsweekly, Times Ledger, Bronx News, Bronx
Metro News, NYC Sports News, SportsNet NY (SNY-TV), Telemundo47-TV,
Columbia TV, NYU-TV
Photos By: Karolina Pietrynczak

Photos By: Karolina Pietrynczak
2007 Empire State Arm Wrestling Super-Star Award Winners
(Left to Right) - Angel Cosme - NYC Southpaw Slammer Award
Mirline Berrouet - NYC Arm Wrestler of the Year & Empire State MVP
Marcio Barboza - Empire State Strongest Arm MVP
Jon Vinikoor - Arm-Star Award (Won Right & Left Hand Championships)

Empire State Golden Arm Awards Table

Media Blitz for The Star of the Show
2007 NYC Arm Wrestler of the Year and Empire State MVP
Mirline Berrouet gets National Media Attention (SEE WRITE UPS)

NYC Southpaw Slammer - In National Spotlight
Angel Cosme on Telemundo47 - TV

New York Times Reporter Jennifer Lee
takes on Empire State Champion Jim Bryan

NY Daily News Photo By: Albans/News
Brothers in Arms
Empire State Champion Brothers
Jason (Left) and Michael Hall featured in the NY Daily News

Neil Pickup from Lancashire, England shows off his NYC custom medallion

SportsNet New York (SNY-TV) Cameraman gets close up of
Empire State Champion Jim Bryan and Kevin Nelson

Cameramen and reporters gather for match between Todd Opitz and
Empire State Golden Arm MVP Champion Marcio Barboza

United Press International photographer shoots final match for the
Empire State Golden Arm MVP Award between Bryan and Barboza

New York Post Cameraman shoots Shaun Lin's winning match

Neil Pickup VS Charles Link

Empire State Champions Shaun Lin and Joe 'JJ' Justin

Metro News Photographer shoots photo of Fernando Ferreira
and Harry Wilson for Nov 16, 2007 Metro News Article

Photographer shoots Alex Josowitz and Arm-Star Winner Jon Vinikoor
for feature article in the NY Daily News

David Milburn and Empire State Champion Alex Pilosov

Empire State Champion Jason Hall and Tim Nakhla

Mitchell D'onofrio and Empire State Champion Adam Link

Danny Nolan and Tim Nakhla

Eric Optiz and Empire State Champion Shaun Lin

NYC Arm Wrestler of the year and Golden Arm MVP Mirline Berrouet
grips up with NY Newsday Reporter Meredith Daniels who also competed

Third Place Anastasia Andino (LEFT) and Second Place Sarah Opitz

Todd Opitz and Kevin Nelson

Joe 'JJ' Justin and Taka Kono

Alex Josowitz and Harry Wilson

A Crowd-Pleasing Captive Audience of over 1,000 watch as Fernando
Ferriera and Akmal Khudayberganov come to grips

Neil Pickup and Kevin Nelson

Charles Link and Karol Brzozowski

Jon Vinikoor and Angel Cosme featured on Telemundo47 TV

Empire State Champion Mirline Berrouet and Anastasia Andino

The New York Post features
Empire State 150 Champion Joe 'JJ' Justin and Akmal Khudayberganov

Andrew Kendall and Michael Hall Lock up as NY Daily News and Bronx
Times reporter shoots for November articles on the Hall brothers

Angle Cosme and Alex Josowitz

David Milburn and Adam Link

US Coast Guard video man shoots recruit Shaun Lin and Michael Hall for
upcoming US Coast Guard TV Show

Tim Nikhla (Right) was injured during this match against Julio Rosario
and seen on Telemundo47 TV

Alex Pilosov and David Millburn

Joe 'JJ' Justin and Andrew Kendall

Sarah Optiz - Mirline Berrouet MVP - Anastasia Andino
Anastasia Andino Not in Photo (Award was excepted on her behalf)

Champions Joe 'JJ' Justin and Taka Kono

Andrew Kendall and young junior champ Eric Optiz

Jon Vinikoor and Alex Josowitz

Jim Bryan and Left Hand Empire State Champion Giorgi Gelashvili

Greg Gavin (Right) Came back from the losers bracket
to win twice over Adam Link in an exciting crowd-pleasing final match

Empire State Champion Taka Kono and a former MVP Michael Bye
Photos By: Karolina Pietrynczak
This event was sanctioned by: New York Arm Wrestling Association, Inc
Copyright: New York Arm Wrestling Association -


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