OFFICIAL RESULTS - Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011






White Castle NYC Junior and Novice

Armwrestling Championships

Proud Sponsor: White Castle

Amy Fischetti Boncardo Executive Director of the Queens Farm Museum accepts NYAWA Appreciation Award during  the two-day Queens County Fair on Sept. 17, and Sept 18, 2011



OFFICIAL RESULTS Sat. Sept. 17, 2011

Boys Light

  1. Mihrab Samad   Pakistan
  2. Evan Quinn        Middle Village, NY
  3. Faleh Bains        Pakistan

Boys Heavy

  1. Corey McGovern     Floral Park, NY.
  2. Brandon Ramon      Elmhurst, NY.
  3. Aman Bains             Pakistan


Boys Left Open

  1. Corey McGovern       Floral Park, NY.
  2. Brandon Ramon        Elmhurst, NY.
  3. Aman Bains               Pakistan

Novice (R) Light

  1. Alec Mc Govern        Floral Park, NY.
  2. Daniel Puerta            Rego Park, NY
  3. Sam Albani               Floral Park, NY.


Novice (R) Heavy

  1. Steven Gutman               Little Neck, NY.
  2. James ‘Fuss’ Fussner     Luzerne, Pa
  3. Matt Degilio                     Exeter, Pa.

Novice Left Open

  1. James ‘Fuss’ Fussner      Luzerne, Pa
  2. Cludio Georgescu            Queens, NY.
  3. Jonathan Remon              Elmhurst, NY.

Novice Women Open

  1. Claudia Ramon         Elmhurst, NY.
  2. Yvette Noe                Brooklyn, NY.
  3. KP Peress                 So. Carolina


White Castle Queens Award Ceremony Photos Sept. 17, 2011NYC Junior Novice Championships




OFFICIAL RESULTS - Sunday, Sept. 18, 2011


34th White Castle ‘QUEENSBORO’


Proud Sponsor: White Castle


OFFICIAL RESULTS Sunday, Sept. 18, 2011


Right 154

1. Michael Bye      East Hampton, NY

2. Matt Degilio       Tunkhannock, PA

3. Waleed Ozair    Pakistan

Right 176

1. Matt Genorotti    Tunkhannock, Pa

2. Paul Shvets        Ukraine

3. Harry Wilson       Brooklyn, NY

Left 176

1. Paul Shvets       Ukraine

2. Michael Bye      East Hampton, NY

3. Matt Degilio      Tunkhannock, PA

Right 198

1. Peter Brang              Valley Stream, NY

2. Tim Lewis                 Philadelphia, PA

3. Jim “Fuzz” Fussner   Luzeine, PA

Left 198

1. Tim Lewis                    Philadelphia, PA

2.  Jim “Fuzz” Fussner     Luzeine, PA

3. Peter Schellenberg       Glendale, NY

Right 225

1. MVP David Marroco   Baltimore, MD

2. Ken Smith                     Baltimore, MD

3. Marek Modzelewki        Ridgewood, NY

Left 225

1. MVP Ken Smith            Baltimore, MD

2. David Milburn                 Jamaica, NY

3. Tim Lewis                       Philadelphia, PA

Women Open

1. MVP Ann Anderson       Freeport, NY

2. Marcela Schellenberg      Glendale, NY

3. Kelly Tappis                      Forest Hills, NY            Team Championship                          MVP AWARDS - Queens Strongest Arm

  1. Pennsylvania  26 Points
  2. Long Island       24 Points
  3. Maryland           17 Points


Overall - RIGHT   MVP David Marroco

Overall - LEFT      MVP Ken Smith

Overall - WOMEN MVP Ann Anderson 




White Castle 34th Annual Queensboro Championships Award Ceremony Photos Sept. 18, 2011