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Amateur Championships
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New York Golden Arm Series I
OFFICIAL RESULTS April 18, 2002 Home/Team POINTS


Matthew Gonzalez {LEFT} from Manhattan wins final match of the 150 LB light weight class over Bob Spieler from Brooklyn

2001 Empire State Champion & 'NYC Amateur Arm Wrestler of The Year' Harry Wilson {Left} from Brooklyn wins a hard fought final match over newcomer Richard Calero from the Bronx in the Middle Weight 175 LB class. Wilson competed with a 25LB handicap.

Greg Gavin from West Islip LI. {Right} grimaces as he ties it up in the finals of the 200LB heavy weight class. But, to no avail as the days MVP award winner Dan Sorrese also from West Islip, LI. came back to win the championship.

Lady Award Winners Left to Right are: 3rd Place - Stephania Bello-Orjela from Flushing, NY. MVP Champion Betsy Suarez from Dover, NJ. 2nd Place Inez Serrano from Brooklyn, NY.

The Super Heavy Weight Champion Jeff 'The Constrictor' Geremia from West Haven, CT. {Right} sets up for final match against Greg Gavin from West Islip, LI. Geremia appeared on Fox 5's Good Day New York Show with sports writer and spokesperson James Retarides and one of the women's award winners Stephania Bello Orjela.

Greg Gavin {Left} vs Dan Sorrese

Light Weight 175LB left hand champion and beginner Richard Calero {Right} from the Bronx pulls a stunning upset victory over 'Bronxboro' Champion Angel Cosme from Manhattan.

Richard Calero {Right} pins Angel Cosme

The left hand Super Heavy Weight champion Kevin Nelson {Center} from Holbrook, NY. seen here with 2nd place Dan Sorrese {Left} and 3rd place Jeff Geremia {Right}


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