ESPN Arm Wrestling

New York Golden Arm Series Finals
November 10, 2001


Steven Cafiero Jr Memorial Award Winners
Most Valuable Players
Left > Sybil Morgan from Staten Island, NY
Right > Matt Prichard from Adamsville, Pa
Center is Donnamarie Striano who was this year's Guest of Honor and Awards Presenter. Donnamarie was the fiance of Steven Cafiero Jr, 31, of Whitestone, Queens who died on Sept 11, 2001 as a result of the World Trade Center-Twin Towers Terrorist attack on NYC. Cafiero was a long time member of the New York Arm Wrestling Association. He was an avid golfer, had a bowling average of 202 and competed in bodybuilding on ESPN. He also starred in the movie "Checkmate". Cafiero worked in sales at AON.

2001 NYC Arm Wrestler of the Year
(Right) Harry Wilson of Brooklyn, NY

132 lb Feather Weight Class
1st: JoelBerquin, Brooklyn, NY
2nd: Devin Worrell, Corona, NY
3rd: Peter Wang, Elmhurst, NY

150 lb Light Weight Class
1st: Harry Wilson, Brooklyn, NY (MVP)
2nd: Kazim "Kevin" Asliyukek, Brooklyn, NY
3rd: Andrew Kendall, Elmhurst, NY

175 lb Middle Weight Class
1st: Kriszian Gelencser, College Point, NY
2nd: Richard Calero, Bronx, NY
3rd: Joseph Nelson, East Islip, NY

200 lb Heavy Weight Class
1st: Edwin Safarian, Bayside, NY
2nd: Tavares Chattman, Far Rockaway, NY
3rd: Greg Gavin, West Islip, NY

Super Heavy Weight Class
1st: Matt Prichard, Adamsville, Pa
2nd: Shaun Freeman, Maspeth, NY
3rd: Bill Halka, Tuxedo, NY

175 lb Middle Weight Left Handed Class
1st: Krisztian Gelencser, College Point, NY
2nd: Bill Bennet, Levittown, NY
3rd: Richard Calero, Bronx, NY

Left Hand Open Weight Class
1st: Matt Prichard, Adamsville, Pa
2nd: Edwin Safarian, Bayside, NY
3rd: Shaun Freeman, Maspeth, NY

Womens Right Open Weight Class
1st: Sybil Morgan, Staten Island, NY
2nd: Erin Stellmon, Long Island City, NY
3rd: Bonni Marcus, Brooklyn, NY


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